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What sets our wealth management apart from others?

We offer exclusive investment opportunities that are otherwise reserved only for high net worth individuals. This in a simple and intuitive way, on the basis of scientific knowhow and with strategies that have received many awards. However, in the end you can decide how far you want to personalize your strategy. We are always here to advise you.

Science as a solid fundament.

risk profile

By applying the so-called «prospect theory» we can estimate your will to take risks. The determined risk rate is combined with your personal data to verify your risk profile. The two renowned economists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky received the Nobel Prize for this scientific approach.

In general, the higher the equity ratio, the higher the expected volatility (risk). However, the expected return on a portfolio is then also higher. In any case: you can decide for yourself whether and to what extent you want to deviate from your recommended equity ratio.

This is how:

  • 1
    In order to assess how you perceive risk, we have implemented questions in the onboarding process of the app, based on a behavioral finance approach
  • 2
    Based on the information regarding your life, income and asset situation, investment experience, risk capacity and risk tolerance, an equity ratio is recommended for you..



We select investment instruments based on what is known as «factor investing». Discover our systematic investment approach:

Our algorithm allows us to analyze a large number of instruments (6.000 to 7.000) in an efficient way

We overcome “behavioral biases” by minimizing human interaction and “gut feeling”.

Whereas other strategies focus on specific areas like fundamental data or technical indicators, we combine it all in a comprehensive view along with risk considerations


If you wish to leave all of your investment decisions up to us, Everon has various investment strategies that have received multiple awards.

Everon’s diverse investment strategies offer different equity ratios and can therefore be selected according to your needs and expectations. In general, the lower the share ratio, the higher the proportion of other asset classes such as bonds, real estate and commodities.

The fact sheets provide detailed information on the respective investment approach and the results to be reached. If you do not want to personalize your investment strategy, these are guidelines that you can use when choosing the strategy.

Results differ depending on the degree of personalization and the amount of investment.

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Strategy Equity Weight 2021 YTD* Factsheet
Everon 20 20% 4.14% -6.1% Jun 2022
Everon 30 30% 8.88% -6.7% Jun 2022
Everon 40 40% 11.82% -7.8% Jun 2022
Everon 50 50% 17.59% -9.9% Jun 2022
Everon 60 60% 21.89% -9.7% Jun 2022
Everon 70 70% 26.44% -12.4% Jun 2022
Everon 80 80% 28.17% -14% Jun 2022
Everon 90 90% 32.97% -15.4% Jun 2022
Everon 100 100% 37.47% -17.5% Jun 2022



Together with you, Everon evaluates how your personal preferences should be set in your individual portfolio. You decide how much responsibility you want to take on for your portfolio and how detailed you want to customize it.

You can specify your preferences for the individualized strategy – directly in the app. This allows you to set different thematic priorities for your personal portfolio.

The portfolio can be individualized by theme (e.g. low risk or ESG), regions, sectors, currencies and individual instruments.

Asset allocation for non-equity-only strategies can be changed as well in regards of weights or even skipping an asset class.

So, it depends on you, how much responsibility do you feel like taking on upon your portfolio and in how much detail do you want to do that.

Our quantitative and systematic investment approach is constantly working in the background, to find the best instruments according your preferences. The best part of it is, personalizing your Everon portfolio comes at no extra cost.


One step ahead


Excellent portfolio management.

Everon is among the best Swiss asset managers. As the only Fintech, the renowned Swiss financial publication «Bilanz» has given our portfolio management the rating «excellent» several times in a row.

Complete control.

You have the full control over your portfolio at all times. All of your accounts will be managed in your name at our partner bank Hypothekarbank Lenzburg.

Personal support.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us directly through the Everon app at any time. Our experts are more than happy to help you with all of your questions. Real people, we do not have chatbots or 0800 numbers.


Fill out the form, click «send» and off you go. As an Everonpreneur, we warmly welcome you to our exclusive first mover club.


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