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Successful cooperation requires a transparent and fair pricing.

Here are our fees.

Wealth management

All-in-Fee 1.05%

Management Fee: 0.7%
Custody Fee: 0.35%

Pension Services

All-in-Fee 0.8%

Management Fee: 0.4%
Custody Fee: 0.15%
Foundation Fee: 0.25%

Private Markets

All-in-Fee 0.525%

Management Fee: 0.4%
Custody Fee: 0.125%

We are committed to transparency in everything we do. Take a look what our all-in-fees include:

  • Extensive personalization of all portfolios
  • Monthly change of investment strategy possible
  • Monthly rebalancing
  • Reporting and tax statements
  • Free Swiss bank account
  • Free deposits and withdrawals
  • All transactions in foreign currencies are booked at the interbank rates (no FX markups)
  • All transactions
  • Personal support and advice from the Everon team