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Digital Banking in Switzerland: Banking of the Future – Status Quo & Forecast

There is talk of huge transformations at the banks; as a customer, you are reaping the benefits of digital banking, which is becoming increasingly customer-friendly. But what is the actual status today and what percentage of the Swiss population already uses digital banking? Equally exciting: what is the situation in […]

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Old-age poverty in Switzerland: situation, causes & prevention

In many industrialized countries, it is a sad truth that people are poor in old age. However, between the countries of the OECD, i.e. highly developed countries, the range of poverty in old age is enormous. In one country, only three percent of the population over the age of 66 […]

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3a Auszahlung

Pillar 3a payout: What you should bear in mind when making a withdrawal

Many people dream of living a self-determined life in old age and securing their future financially. Saving with the third pillar can be the right way to achieve this. The tax-privileged pillar 3a serves as private provision for retirement. For this reason, restrictive regulations have been put in place with […]

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Digital Asset Management

Digital wealth management: tips & tricks

Digitization is advancing in many areas of life, and exciting innovations are also emerging in the field of asset management that are worth keeping an eye on. But there are still plenty of unanswered questions. Whether legal and technical matters, challenges with regard to the security offered or aspects concerning […]

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Pillar 3a

Pillar 3a Insider Tips: Amounts, taxes, payout & comparison

Retirement provision is an important basic building block for financial security in old age. According to a recent study by Generali Versicherung, for example, 43% of Swiss women do not provide for old age. Men are also affected – albeit to a lesser extent. But without appropriate provision, there is […]

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Family Office

Family Office: Definition, typical Tasks & for whom it is worthwhile

Butlers and chambermaids have become rare, which cannot be explained by lowered expectations of the rich and super-rich. The situation: concentration and increase in wealth on the one hand and skepticism toward established financial advisors and banks on the other. The demands have grown and in the last ten years […]

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